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Corporate Governance

Timbercreek Financial is committed to employing thorough underwriting, active management and strong governance to manage risk from origination to repayment. This disciplined approach to mortgage investing ensures that shareholders’ capital is preserved.

The following links provide important information about the Company’s governance practices and corporate responsibility.

Board Mandate
Audit Committee Charter
Corporate Governance Committee Charter
Disclosure Policy
Whistle Blowing Policy

The Board of Directors discharges its mandate through two committees: the Audit Committee and the Corporate Governance Committee. The following table illustrates each committee’s members:

Name Independent Audit Committee Governance, Committee
Zelick L. Altman   Y
Ugo Bizzari       
Craig Geier       
Andrew Jones      
Steven R. Scott   Y Y*   
W. Glenn Shyba   Y
Blair Tamblyn      Y
Derek J. Watchorn   Y  Y  Y*

*Committee Chair