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Our Vision:

We are a leading non-bank lender providing shorter-duration structured financing solutions to commercial real estate investors. Our sophisticated, service-oriented approach allows us to meet the needs of borrowers, including faster execution and more flexible terms that Canadian financial institutions do not typically provide. By employing thorough underwriting, active management and strong governance, we are able to meet our borrower’s needs while providing strong risk-adjusted returns for investors.

To find out about Timbercreek’s financing solutions, visit Timbercreek.com

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Our Strategy:

Preserve investor capital by lending primarily against income producing commercial real estate, mitigating concentration risk by diversifying geographically, by asset type and borrower and ensuring conservative loan-to-value ratios.
Provide strong inflation-protected returns by ensuring high portfolio turn-over, investing in short-duration loans (<5 years), and allowing investors to participate in the majority of the lender fees, which are collected each time a new loan is issued.

Our Team

img blair tamblyn

Blair Tamblyn

Chief Executive Officer
img tracy johnston

Tracy Johnston, CPA, CA

Chief Financial Officer
img scott rowland

Scott Rowland

Chief Investment Officer
img john walsh

John Walsh

Vice President, Corporate Secretary
img michelle adairy

Michelle Adair

Vice President, Global Credit
img simon verdy

Simon Verdy

Vice President, Orgination (Quebec & The Maritimes)
img charles lingren

Charles Lingren

Vice President, Origination
img isaac zimmer

Isaac Zimmer

Vice President, Orgination
img patrick smith

Patrick Smith

Managing Director, Head of Global Credit
img geoff mctait

Geoff McTait

Managing Director, Origination -Canada Head of Global Syndication
img w glenn shyba

W. Glenn Shyba

Lead Independent Director
img amar bhalla

Amar Bhalla

Independent Director
img pam spackman

Pam Spackman

Independent Director
img derek j watchorn

Derek J. Watchorn

Independent Director
img deborah robinson

Deborah Robinson

Independent Director
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