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Zelick Altman Profile Picture
Zelick L. Altman
Independent Director

Mr. Altman is a Managing Director of LaSalle Investment Management (Canada), a real estate investment management company and President of the LaSalle Canadian Income & Growth Funds. 

Mr. Altman has over 35 years of real estate experience in institutional, public and private sectors of the industry. Prior to joining LaSalle, Mr. Altman served as a Mortgage Broker at Canada ICI Commercial Mortgages Inc. and as Senior Vice President with Dundee Realty Corp. Mr. Altman also held the position of Senior Vice President at Canadian Real Estate Investment Trust and Vice President of Counsel Property Corporation. Prior to that, Mr. Altman owned and operated Accura Properties Ltd. 

Mr. Altman is a graduate of the Faculty of Applied Sciences at the University of Toronto and is registered as a Professional Engineer.