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Timbercreek Senior Mortgage Investment Corporation Announces Normal Course Issuer Bid - Timbercreek Senior Mortgage Investment Corporation

TORONTO, January 4, 2016 - Timbercreek Senior Mortgage Investment Corporation (the "Company") announced today that it has obtained the approval of the Toronto Stock Exchange (the "TSX") to commence a normal course issuer bid (the “NCIB”) with respect to its common shares (the “Shares”). The NCIB will commence on January 6, 2016 and will terminate on the earlier of January 5, 2017 or the date on which the Company has purchased the maximum number of Shares permitted under the NCIB.

Under the NCIB, the Company may, over a 12-month period commencing on January 6, 2016, purchase in the normal course through the facilities of the TSX up to a regulatory maximum of 3,116,479 Shares, such amount representing 10% of the public float of the Shares issued and outstanding as of December 22, 2015.  Furthermore, subject to certain exemptions for block purchases, the maximum number of Shares that the Company may acquire on any one trading day is 6,199 Shares, such amount representing 25% of the average daily trading volume of the Shares for the six calendar months prior to the start of the NCIB.  Under a previous normal course issuer bid which commenced on November 17, 2014 and ended on November 16, 2015 (the “2014 NCIB”), the Company purchased an aggregate of 105,454 Shares of the Company.

The price which the Company will pay for any Shares under the NCIB will be the market price at the time of acquisition.  During the period of the NCIB, the Company may make purchases under the NCIB by means of open market transactions or otherwise as permitted by the TSX. The actual number of Shares which may be purchased pursuant to the NCIB and the timing of any such purchases will be determined by senior management of the Company.  All Shares purchased by the Company under the NCIB will be cancelled.  The Company has not acquired any Shares pursuant to a normal course issuer bid in the preceding 12-month period.

As of December 22, 2015, there were 31,451,154 Shares issued and outstanding.

The Company will use the NCIB to repurchase Shares in the event that the Company believes the Shares are not being valued appropriately by the market and an attractive opportunity exists to enhance the value for its shareholders.

For information, please visit www.timbercreek.com.

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Carrie Morris
Investor Relations

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The Company provides investors with an opportunity to invest in a diversified portfolio of first-only mortgage investments originated and underwritten by its manager, Timbercreek Asset Management Inc. (the "Manager"). The Company focuses on capital preservation and the generation of attractive, stable returns, allowing for the payment of monthly dividends to shareholders.


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